Financial Aid

When it comes to your future, let nothing stand in your way!

We welcome you to call or visit Lincoln's Financial Aid Office today. You may qualify for financial aid, grants, student loans* or work-study programs. Our schools are eligible to offer the following opportunities:

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program**
  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program*
  • Federal Direct Plus Loan Program*
  • Federal Work Study***

Lincoln Scholarships

Lincoln also has a number of Scholarship Awards Programs at selected campuses±. These scholarships are awarded to graduating high schools seniors in good standing who have achieved the highest scores during preliminary scholarship competitions and aptitude tests. Applicants will be evaluated by Lincoln's Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of volunteers who represent business, industry, education and/or government not affiliated with Lincoln.

† Grants are awards that you don't have to pay back.
* Loans are borrowed money that you must repay with interest.
** Please contact our Admissions or Financial Aid Offices for more details.