Student Guide to Career Services

Career Services Mission Statement

The Career Services Department of Lincoln College of Technology is committed to the professional excellence of our students.

In order to achieve this outcome, we provide quality training and job search assistance to our students that they may confidently apply for the many positions available in their field of study.

We'll commit to making every effort to assist our students in securing career opportunities that not only meet their goals, but the specific needs of employers as well.

Both our students and our business partners can rely on our commitment to outstanding service and lifelong partnerships.

Services Available


Workshops are designed to assist students in preparations for entering the job market, either for the first time or as experienced professionals. Topics related to job searching include skills assessment, goal-setting, résumé writing, interviewing and presentation skills, customer service and how to keep a job.

Individual Consultations

One-on-one consultations can be scheduled with a Career Services Representative for professional evaluations directed towards job search strategies.

Employment Assistance

Career Services Representatives are in constant contact with employers helping to present résumés and schedule interviews for students. However, it is the student's responsibility to contribute his or her own time to securing employment. This involves a team effort between the student and their Career Services Representative.

Job Postings

The Career Services Department maintains information regarding part-time openings with employers. Students should inquire in the Career Services Department for any assistance needed with these positions.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are held on-campus for part-time and full-tine employment. Employers are invited to visit the school to discuss employment opportunities with students.